Real! as it should be - Group exhibition of Photographic Artworks – PHOTO Shanghai 2015 ON/gallery Beijing Songzhuang

from 12th September to 23rd October, 2015
Opening:  12th September, from 18:00

181, Jiang Chang San Rd., Shanghai

Participating artists / 参展艺术家 :

Ju Anqi 雎安奇, Denis Darzacq, Vincent Debanne, Fréderic Fontenoy, Nicolas Wilmouth, Luo Xi 罗希, Mo Yi 莫毅, Tie Ying 铁鹰

Curator / 策展人:
Ludovic De Vita / Florence Zhou    

Photography here in Shanghai and from France, or the generation of artists who adopt a doubtful and critical viewpoint on what the world has become, is celebrated in this exhibition: Another Day, everything will become true.

Each of these eight artists, in their own way, addresses the themes of reality and pretense, and of how photography can interpret our era and our transitions for us to reflect upon.

Whether this be in the form of documentary tinged with fiction, or resolutely theatrical work that reconstructs a fantasized reality, despite all its inherent limits the photography here still manages not to abandon us staring at images, but to present the possibility for us to project ourselves literally into the depths of what constitutes our gaze. Our culture and the complexity of our apprehensions are engaged with violence or with subtlety, evidencing how our way of seeing things may be challenged at any moment, as it should deservedly be.

Tomorrow, another day, everything that would have been perceived from these cautionary abysses of our conditioning could attain meaning and weigh upon our decision-making habits. In the first place, on our choice to look beyond the immediacy constituted by the contemporary world.



181, Jiang Chang San Rd., Shanghai.

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