Spotting Zone - Liu Tao Solo Exhibition - ON/gallery Beijing

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From November 3 to December 4, 2016

Participating artists / 参展艺术家 :

Liu Tao 刘涛

Curator / 策展人:
Ludovic De Vita / Wang Lingyun 王凌云   

We are very happy to present Liu Tao’s new photography series « Spotting Zone » in his upcoming solo show at ON/gallery.

This series of color photographs have been made over the curse of a few years, as Liu Tao was location hunting for his « photographic performances », formerly exhibited at Art Paris Fair at the Grand Palais.

By the steady recording of his location hunt, Liu Tao paints the map of his wanderlust.

To report on the possible places for the expression of his ethics and esthetics, he ventures in cities and subburbias, going through a necessary process of self-oblivion, thus creating their portrait. 

In the « Spotting Zone », his body imprints the landscape, as usual, involving himself silently into frame. The presence of his body introduces a symbolic -rather than fictional- element, that turns simple location photographs into a metaphysical question of the artist facing the world.



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