Silent Insurgency - Asia Now 2017 - ON/gallery Beijing

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October 18
to 22, 2017

9 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris
ON/gallery Booth n° B215

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Participating artists / 参展艺术家 :

Liu Tao 刘涛, Zhang Zhenyu 张震宇

Curator / 策展人:
Wang Lingyun, Ludovic De Vita

Two artists, two universes meet trough their intention of opposing the consensus that 21st century China wants to offer to the world. ON/gallery Beijing, with Liu Tao and Zhang Zhenyu, for ASIA NOW 2017, takes up the challenge of presenting an art that does not agree with evidence.

In spite of the impossibility of a frontal discourse that would open up the debates that modern China should take in order to tackle its future, Zhang Zhenyu and Liu Tao manage to express disagreement by their artistic work.

Zhang Zhenyu delivers a seemingly abstract work, reflecting on the state of the world and the ecological divide that the development of 20 years of growth imposes on the population. By reusing air pollution, he creates a trace of the vanishing beauty of the world. The massive surfaces that face us convey a mineral density, a solid metaphore of the dull revolt that inhabits the artist and his contemporaries.

As for Liu Tao, he prefers to flee. He induces the forms of a particular revolt by his poetic eulogy. He reactivates our lust for the unconstrained, and gives us a real insight into the Chinese reality.

Both artists are physically engaged in the creation of their work. Zhang Zhenyu risks his health with dust and pollution to try to realize this alchemy of a world capable of renewal. Liu Tao, veritable spirit of places, reactivates the memories and the urgency of a leap into the unknown of our human nature for better or for worst.

These are the terms of a contract they sign with the function of art. To testify, to make us understand what is disturbing in our modes of existence, what creates the anguish of our century and its resolutions in silence, aiming for a slow revolution of consciences.


Réalisation ON/gallery Beijing
pour ASIA NOW 2017


ON/gallery Beijing
B-5, Yi Shu Gong Chang Lu, Songzhuang, Tongzhou Qu, Beijing
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