Abstract Recovery — Art Paris Art Fair 2018 — Collective Exhibition - ON/gallery Beijing

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From April 5 to 8, 2018

Grand Palais
ON/gallery : Booth A1

Participating artists / 参展艺术家 :

Shen Wei 沈玮 / Phenix Varbanov 宋小松 / Zhang Quan 张诠 / Zhang Zhenyu 张震宇 / Li Baoxun 李宝荀 / Liu Tao 刘涛 /

Curator / 策展人:
Ludovic De Vita / Wang Lingyun

Abstract Recovery

Exhibition Abstract Recovery brings together artists who work on expressionist, minimalist and conceptual abstractions that illustrate gestures. These gestures stimulate the central question of their approach and commitment. 

These searches in abstraction are aroused by Shen Wei’s photographic work on the postures of bodies that he arbitrarily captures from his travels. This intimate and aesthetic relationship with these strangers who emerge from his photographic exertion conjures up the gestures that each artist illustrates in his own way to subdue reality to his idea. The energy of the gestures ripples like an ephemeral memory, as it is about preserving its liveliness and its transcended substance by alchemy between what we know and what happens during the process of creation and contemplation.

  • Shen Wei, the traveling photographer presents us with a private diary, which would strike us with a fictional shockwave. The artist’s incentives guide us through the meanders of the cities, sliding down the landscapes of meetings as the bodies are captured but seem lost almost immediately. He holds the art of transmitting knowledge through a whisper, asking us about the relationships we have with the world.
  • Phenix Varbanov uses Chinese ink and rice paper. Inspired by tradition, he suggests a diversion from the virtuosity of the calligrapher by giving up the brush to make paper a new experimenting territory where the ink, like the flow of a river, runs astray through a freshened physical engagement over a fragile piece of paper in which the geomorphology becomes the imprint.
  • Zhang Zhuan, contemplative as he is, put us in front of an enigma of what remains after the process of creating. Chinese ink from a millennial tradition is otherwise used here in a revolution of representation. What should be seen only appears in the silhouette, the residue of a thing, which has been and seems to indubitably and continuously return to its origin.
  • Zhang Zhenyu manages to make a seemingly abstract work a reflection on the state of the world and the ecological divide that 20 years of industrial development has imposed on the population. The reuse of atmospheric pollution allows him to feel the beauty of the world that is gradually fading away. It brings us into the massive surfaces where we can see the bewitching mineral density just like the dismal revolt that lies within the artist and his contemporaries.
  • Li Baoxun paints the abstention of men over their responsibilities. When he removes the frames from his paintings, it is as if we unburden his sense of reality from our contemporary society. Between realism and abstraction, his pictorial work anonymously illustrates the existential anxiety that lies within our urban activities and our society as well as the identity disorder that comes with it.
  • Liu Tao, in front of the complexity of the world, seems to choose to run away from it. Nevertheless, it is through this poetic eulogy that he induces a particular revolt that comes in many forms. It revives in us as we are those who, above all, want to live free. It gives us an uncompromising glimpse of the Chinese reality.

ON/gallery Booth A1

5 - 8 APRIL 2018


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