Stronger than Death - Photo London 2018 - ON/gallery Beijing

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From May 17 to 20, 2018

Photo London 2018
Somerset House, ON/gallery Booth D24

Participating artists / 参展艺术家 :

Shen Wei 沈玮Liu Tao 刘涛

Curator / 策展人:
Wang Lingyun, Ludovic De Vita

Stronger than Death

Artists are vulnerable, vulnerable as freedom, not the one that claims and romanticises to be that which is written on the barricades, rises from a common impetus and finds itself shelved in history books, but that which gnaws on us, which strives against the consensual and dogmatic education, which seeks endlessly to be dislodged from a place where it is awaited in its demise.

This freedom of right makes us human capable of reformulating ourselves, of thinking beyond the limits of conventions and genres, making this transgression a way of existence and not a sacred artwork.

This existential freedom that makes us human at every moment we grasp bears the risks that artists like Liu Tao and Shen Wei have known how to take. Naked in front of the world and devouring every moment of their life that is dedicated to us as a message until death, beyond mortality and even much stronger, these artists remind us of the necessary disarray that we need to make life a pure moment of eternity.

  • Shen Wei, the traveling photographer presents us with a private diary, which would strike us with a fictional shockwave. The artist’s incentives guide us through the meanders of the cities, sliding down the landscapes of meetings as the bodies are captured but seem lost almost immediately. He holds the art of transmitting knowledge through a whisper, asking us about the relationships we have with the world.
  • Liu Tao, in front of the complexity of the world, seems to choose to run away from it. Nevertheless, it is through this poetic eulogy that he induces a particular revolt that comes in many forms. It revives in us as we are those who, above all, want to live free. It gives us an uncompromising glimpse of the Chinese reality.

With the exhibition, « Stronger Than Death », On/gallery continues its work with artists to present what is meant to be the idea and the voice of the 21st century when the freedom of expression finally takes part in the melee between reality and fiction to make sense by leaving them astray or in turmoil.

Shen Wei and Liu Tao, whose universes converge in their intention to oppose the consensus that our time wants, manage to transcend their work to the level of an existential and ethical quest that we would all have to go on ourselves, taking up the challenge of an art and a life that would not just be a matter of consent and complacency with evidences.

From May 17 to 20, 2018
Photo London 2018
Somerset House, ON/gallery Booth D24
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